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The Shot

THE SHOT is a 75 minute tour de force solo show that tells the story of famed Washington Post publisher Katherine Graham and her domestic life: an untold story of triumph over abuse and despair. 2022 Winner of Best Actress, Best Production and Audience Choice awards at the NYC United Solo Fest.

“The Shot,” is about former Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham and that part of her life that is hard to look at and understand. Before becoming publisher, Katharine was an abused wife, derided in public and beaten in private by her husband, who had inherited The Washington Post newspaper from Katharine’s father.

Emmy® nominated and SAG Award winning actress, Sharon Lawrence stars in what has been described as “A luminescent performance informing us that sexual and psychological abuse knows no boundaries of economy or class or fame.”

Lawrence is fearless as she shows Katharine’s emotional roller-coaster, from the peak of joyful love and family life to the dark canyons of despair. Katharine’s ultimate triumph is complicated by questions of love and duty that will surprise many who have not known intimate partner violence. “The Shot” is a story for this moment. If we can be abused, we can be paid less, denied opportunity and choice over our own bodies. “The Shot” is meant to empower women who are abused, and enlarge our understanding of an abused woman’s soul.

The Shot Reel


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The Reviews

Sharon Lawrence surely must be the reason the term “tour de force” was created.

Karen Nowosad

a brilliant play, initially focuses upon Ms. Graham’s early life with a distant mother and a domineering father.

Howard Tucker

The Shot is triumphant, as is this play....I cannot more strongly urge you to go

Allen Neuner

Lawrence transformed herself into the persona of Graham so well it was hard to discern she was acting

Victoria L. Dammer

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